November 12, 2010

The world is (literally) going to the dogs…

Posted in current events, fundraising at 1:34 pm by Jennifer

I usually only post once a week, but after seeing this recent article in the Globe “There are children starving in Africa – but I’ll still spoil my dog “ a week after THIS article I had to comment on it. That comment is;

… seriously?!

I love my dog. I spoil my dog for quite a few reasons; he had a hard life before I rescued him and deserves extra love, I’m an animal lover, he’s a good roommate and also because look at that freaking face!

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Look, I understand pampering your pet but instead of extravagances that (let’s face it) your companion won’t really know the difference (my dog tries to eat discarded food off the sidewalk, there is no way I’m giving him a bag of $50 dog treats!) I’m hoping some people will realize there are animal shelters in dire need and spend a bit of money where it will make a difference.

SO – for the first 5 people (that live in Ontario – sorry) who email me proof/a receipt that you have donated ($25 minimum) to an animal shelter or animal based charity in the GTA/Ontario (such as the Toronto Humane Society) I will bake you, pack up and mail you a batch of homemade dog cookies personally made by yours truly. Your dog will like them; I’ve tested many recipes on my slightly “rotund” pug. Also donations are usually tax deductable.

And oh yes, the fact that you will be doing a good thing. That’s always a great reason.

UPDATE: Thank you thank you for participating! I’ll be mailing out cookies soon, so keep an eye on your mailbox.


June 17, 2010

A “kind of sort of” post

Posted in events, fundraising at 8:29 pm by Jennifer

Things have been incredibly hectic lately, with many changes in both my personal and professional life. (For one, I learnt how to make homemade gnocchi!)

So for a hasty post I thought I might just add a few recent event photos and a link to a great cause. I attended a fundraising event for Rethink Breast Cancer with some of my colleagues, and we all had a great time while supporting a very important cause. The theme was “Superheroes”, and after getting the short straw in the costume selection I was “Spiderman”. Well, I was sort of Spiderman. (My boots were Spiderman costume boots, I wore a red dress and mask and I has webs drawn on my wrists. That was about the extent of my creativity that day.) 

I wanted to post a few of us having a great time below!

Events, either planning them behind the scenes or getting to attend events planned by others – are one of my favourite aspects of PR. This annual event organized by the Rethink team was a fabulously creative way to promote their organization and cause.

– BB