August 19, 2010

A New Reason to be Afraid of Chatroulette

Posted in current events, social media at 4:08 pm by Jennifer

When Chatroulette made its debut on the internet I was excited. The simple concept was intriguing to me, being able to connect with complete strangers from across the globe at random via webcam. The ability to have face to face real-time interactions with people of different cultures and backgrounds. To be able to hear about how people live in different cities and countries. To…. see body parts I really don’t want to see blown up on my computer screen.

As Chatroulette started to gain momentum I began writing a blog post about how this new social application could be used as a unique PR and marketing tool – having heads of companies online randomly interacting with users about their brands (imagine Bill Gates popping onto your screen to tell you about the new version of Windows), TV show characters making the rounds online in advance of a show’s new season (what I wouldn’t give to pick the brains of the True Blood cast) or musicians self promoting through one-on-one concerts via webcams. There are countless possibilities.

So for my post, I went online eager to experience this new phenomenon and do a full write up including screen shots. I was left… a bit dejected and having seen things that I can never unsee. The Chatroulette blog post was put out of my mind. Until today.

Today Mashable spotlighted a brilliant campaign for “The Last Exorcism” movie that took place over Chatroulette, where unsuspecting men got a glimpse of more than they bargained for. Their reaction shots are priceless.

I think this campaign successfully and creatively used Chatroulette, finding ways to “interact with” rather than “market at” people. Bottom line – something that catches my attention or makes me laugh is much more impactful in my opinion than some of the advertising “wallpaper” we are largely becoming desensitized to.


–  BB



  1. It’s not a bad idea, but I can see how it can be exploited – both by the “wrong kind of people” and by those who will take it and use it only as a promotional tool.

  2. I think it’s the risk we take with any open forums of communication/social interaction – especially online. It’s going to happen regardless, and if we can influence how we are engaged by advertisers through being more receptive to creativity (the entire “Old Spice guy” campaign was amazing) then a shift will take place.

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