August 11, 2010

How to Say “I Quit” with Style

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:46 am by Jennifer

Sometimes leaving your job is a difficult decision, sometimes it’s just a big relief and a chance to find something better suited to you. I’ve left positions that were very hard to leave and big changes for me, and I’ve left when things just did not feel right anymore. But I have never left a job in any of the creative ways making headlines this week.

My personal favorite? A girl so clever she could only be called Jenny (We Jennifers are a special bunch.) The details of her leaving a position where she was demoralized and objectified have made my week – no, my month. Brilliant! Dearest Jenny, you are my new hero.

Also topping the news this week is the JetBlue flight attendant who was mistreated by one rude passenger too many, and slid his way to precious freedom after helping himself to a few beers from the mini-bar.

These particular situations are funny, but the stories point to a rise in workplace frustrations and dissatisfaction. We’ve all seen the news stories of people who were let go only to return to their offices with intentions of hurting their former coworkers.

So then what should you do if you are just not happy anymore? If you feel you were mistreated or if you think that you were taken for granted, by all means seek out a new employer who will treat you with the respect and acknowledgement you deserve. If where you find yourself now is not where you imagined you would be, take a risk and look elsewhere. But a few things to keep in mind;

  1. The internet is public and searchable, keep your venting to long talks with friends over a martini and off of the web.
  2. Reputation. Protect yours – be yourself and treat others how you want to be treated.
  3. Word of mouth accounts for a lot in this world. If you had good relationships with colleagues there is no reason not to maintain them if at all possible.
  4. Give your employer adequate notice so that they can find a suitable replacement. And no, an hour is not adequate notice.
  5. Do not slack off after your have made the decision to leave – if you’ve done a lot of hard work that’s what you want to leave behind. Take the time to wrap up loose ends, update remaining staff on what you have been doing and make the transition easier when they take over.
  6. Be honest and transparent about why you are making the decision to leave. Obviously be tactful, but I think that employers have the right to know why you’ve made the decision.

Even if you don’t think your efforts will be appreciated at the time you will be able to smile, hold your head high and know that you’ve done the right thing. I really do believe that we should all treat others the way we want to be treated and what goes around does come around. (But if that’s just not your style, feel free to send your boss a whiteboard message of your very own. And please send me the photos.)

– BB

(In other news as a part of my ongoing “to do list” of hobbies, I’ve been baking up a storm. Like these rainbow cupcakes – a big hit with my neighbors and coworkers!)

Now with 50% more Unicorn!



  1. John said,

    Gorgeous, loving the cupcakes!

    I’ve got to amplify your piece on reputation. Once damaged, irrespective of the balancing items, you’ll always be known for the bad act in your past. It’s sometimes called “Pierres dilemma” (note: joke follows):

    “I cook a meal for three thousand people, do they call me Pierre the chef? Non.”
    “I build a monument to the efforts of great Quebecoise, do they call me Pierre the architect? Non.”
    “But have sex with ONE sheep…”

    PS: my golden retriever sends big hugs to Rambo.

    • I think that image management and coming back from a scandal is a delicate process and needs to be done with class, intergrity and honesty. It’s difficut but not impossible. Although… the sheep thing is a bit much for me.

  2. I’m glad someone wrote about the Jenny meme. Very interesting take on it too. And I really like the cupcake. You know… not to subliminally suggest anything… but… it’s been a long time since I had a really good cupcake… 😉 LOL

    • It really was a great meme, and thank you – I like to look at things in a variety of ways… including baked goods. I’ll have to make a batch of cupcakes when Marissa is in Toronto!

  3. […] few blogs and came across a post by Toronto public relations blogger Boardroom Blogette. She shared her thoughts on the recent Internet hoax where a girl named Jenny supposedly quit her job via email. (You can read about the hoax […]

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