July 28, 2010

Home Sweet Office

Posted in Just for fun, Work-Life at 2:15 pm by Jennifer

This is going to be a very quick post; I just wanted to share a bit about MCI since I spend so much of my time here! Usually when I’m referring to “my second home” it’s in regards to my beloved Rex Jazz Club, but then I realized since I joined my new agency I haven’t talked about it very much.  That isn’t a reflection of there being nothing to talk about, but instead of there being a lot happening over here.

Things have been incredibly busy for all of us; a lot of exciting changes happening online, with new clients as well as existing ones on top of us all getting to know eachother. I work with quite a few talented men and women and we all have different backgrounds and experience; marketing, medical, Government, consumer, non-profit, events, social media (just to name a few). There’s a whole grab bag of talent and we’re constantly learning from one another.

I’m also lucky enough to live basically across the street. (Edit: Maybe not so lucky when someone gets elected to “pop by” the office at strange hours!) I totally love the space; it’s central and beautiful with exposed brick walls, scattered plants/flowers and an open concept. I was so used to having an office at my previous agency that the open layout was something I had to get used to, but I think I actually prefer being able to “poke up” and see/speak to some of my fellow coworkers.

I snapped a few pictures and thought I would share them – enjoy!

So, what is your office/workplace like? What makes it unique/special?

– BB



  1. John said,

    Your new office looks like a glorious place and I’ve got to love the big, red chair.

    Mine’s an interesting place. My main one is my spare bedroom where I do a lot of my work and has the added benefit of company (albeit in the form of a dog who snores when she sleeps and doesn’t particularly mind (in the gentlest terms possible) being shouted at when she’s sitting on a book or on a cable or – as she did a few weeks ago – she eats a USB key).

    Other than this I’ve got an office that I visit occasionally which is where the companies’ servers “live” – it’s in the middle of a science park and I love the atmosphere around it.

    Whilst with a wholly different flavour – and much less serious – it reminds me of what Bletchley Park must’ve been like for Hobart, Turing and the like in the heady days of the 1940s.

    Have you had any more encounters with 5am?

  2. Another great post. Nice of you to share your work space with everyone. 🙂 I love Toronto offices with the “loft” look. Makes for a very awesome work environment. I think you may have inspired me to to write a work-space blog post myself! I’m divided between a TV studio and a home office. 🙂

  3. Thanks Chris! It’s a great space, I love living and working downtown Toronto. There is a lot to do and it makes for great people watching. Can’t wait to see your blog update.

    John – just one more encounter with 5am but we’re working on a big project, I’m really excited about it so I don’t really mind.

    Thank you both for sharing a bit about your spaces! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Nebesky said,

    What makes the space even better is that you are here working with us! Thanks for capturing the spirit of this office and the great team. So glad to have you on board!

    • Thank you Jennifer, that’s so nice I’m not even sure what to say! (For anyone else reading the blog Jennifer Nebesky is the VP of MCI, and someone I have been lucky to work closely with and learn from for a while now. Like I said, great office and a great team.)

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