July 20, 2010

How long is your to do list?

Posted in Social Life, Work-Life at 8:45 am by Jennifer

I keep a running sheet of work related tasks and deadlines on my computer desktop, a print version on my desk… stuck on post its… everywhere really. The list always seems to grow but it keeps me on track. Things get done in the structured-chaos way I like to think I have perfected over the years.

But over the past week I’ve been thinking about another “to-do” list, the list of things I have always wanted to do but never find time for or pushed myself into. Topping the list for me right now?

  1. Make indoor rock climbing a weekly thing
  2. Salsa Dancing lessons (I’m still on the fence for this one, but have always wanted to try)
  3. Regularly go to Yoga
  4. Take an expert cake decorating class (I blame Cake Boss for making me want to do this.)
  5. Take more photos and try new photography techniques
  6. Dog. Training. Classes. (My dog looks sweet an innocent, but he’s a little terror.)

Those are only a few that I can think of for myself right now. The point is, sometimes it’s way too easy to fall into a routine, crossing things off of a list at work and then curling up at home with the latest season of Mad Men. But by listing things you have always wanted to do but never have, you force yourself to face them every day and will be more likely to actually cross them off.

My 3 year old pug, Rambo




  1. Denise said,

    You forgot ‘Visit Denise in the UK’ 🙂

    I have been saying for ages that I want to go to salsa classes, if only you weren’t so far away, I could come with you!

    • I most definitely plan to make it out to the UK for a visit, and was actually thinking of early in the new year. I will keep you posted, and please say hi to all of the FICO girls for me.
      You’re all very much missed

  2. Sarah said,

    I like this post. I like it so much, I will respond with the first 3 to-do’s I can think of from my own list:

    1. Get my boating license.
    2. Start exercising, for heaven’s sake!
    3. Go see Inception.

    • After all of the rave reviews, going to see Inception has made my list too. 🙂

      • Sarah said,

        I’ve seen it.. Go, go right now!

        Also, who knew Marion Cotillard could be scary?!

  3. My “to do” list is pretty small. Yay!

    • If your list is small, maybe you should add a few more things to it that you’ve always wanted to do? Or, you could just relax and enjoy the summer!

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