July 1, 2010

Man is free at the moment he wishes to be*

Posted in current events, events at 2:05 pm by Jennifer

I was Tweeting quite a bit throughout but I wanted to wait a few days after the G20 weekend to blog about it. I usually like for the dust to settle and to have a chance to look at all of the sides before I talk about something. Sometimes social media makes it a bit too easy to toss anything online without taking the time to research and reflect on it first. On the other hand, access to immediate information and updates has been useful time and time again… Either way, I waited until today.

I had a great conversation last night about the G20 protests, riots and actions of the police and was asked point blank “So how do you really feel about it?” (I love direct people.)

I think that there are so many “shades of grey” in this situation, and I’m just plain tired of people choosing sides. How much worse would things have been without the police force present? What progress would be made for social issues without the activities and organization of legitimate protest groups? What makes for a “legitimate” protest group? Was the expense justified in the end?

I was caught in the Queen/Spadina “kettle” and live on Queen Street West so I took a lot of photos over the weekend. I could have shut myself in my apartment, but locking your door doesn’t make something go away. Sometimes the best way to appreciate social issues and freedom is by exposing yourself to uncomfortable situations (obviously within reason, I kept relatively safe). That’s just my opinion.

So back to the question, what is my honest opinion on the G20 weekend?

I think it could have been much worse, and I’m glad that no one (to my knowledge) was seriously hurt or killed. Pick a side if you have to, but let’s not forget that we’re lucky to live in this country.

Happy Canada Day.

– BB

* Voltaire


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  1. John said,

    It’s appalling to see Toronto police choosing to adopt tactics that have been prevalent in the UK: “kettling” of protestors. The right to protest or even to simply go across the road to get take-out food is one that must be protected.

    That having been said, there are – as BB has said – two sides to every story. The police have a duty to protect the G20 (all of whose leaders are elected, it should be said) from the occasional individuals who might wish to cause it harm. Acts by the police reinforce an old joke by Billy Connolly who said that:

    “the Queen thinks that the world smells of paint, because everywhere she goes there are people running 100m ahead of her, repainting”

    If the G20 leadership don’t get to see the world as it is then how can they make decisions that effect us all? Wouldn’t happen in Sudbury!

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