June 17, 2010

A “kind of sort of” post

Posted in events, fundraising at 8:29 pm by Jennifer

Things have been incredibly hectic lately, with many changes in both my personal and professional life. (For one, I learnt how to make homemade gnocchi!)

So for a hasty post I thought I might just add a few recent event photos and a link to a great cause. I attended a fundraising event for Rethink Breast Cancer with some of my colleagues, and we all had a great time while supporting a very important cause. The theme was “Superheroes”, and after getting the short straw in the costume selection I was “Spiderman”. Well, I was sort of Spiderman. (My boots were Spiderman costume boots, I wore a red dress and mask and I has webs drawn on my wrists. That was about the extent of my creativity that day.) 

I wanted to post a few of us having a great time below!

Events, either planning them behind the scenes or getting to attend events planned by others – are one of my favourite aspects of PR. This annual event organized by the Rethink team was a fabulously creative way to promote their organization and cause.

– BB



  1. John said,

    Hey Jen

    Looking great in your pictures there hun.


    • Thank you John, I was impressed with how fantastic my colleagues looked that night and the crowd that came out in general. (Although I should mention that it was a costume party, and that isn’t “typical dress” for me. I’m much more conservative M – F )

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