June 2, 2010

You spin me right round

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:15 am by Jennifer

At the beginning of May, I left my position as Account Coordinator with Thornley Fallis Communications to contemplate my career and explore other opportunities I felt may be a better fit. While doing this bit of “soul searching” (a.k.a unemployment) I wanted to get back into blogging. Instead I “got into” time with friends, apartment cleaning, baking and all of the things I hadn’t had time for before.

So, with a full list of things I have been thinking about, reading and exploring I’m happy to say I plan to be posting weekly blogs– likely every Tuesday or Wednesday.

Today was supposed to be a different topic altogether but while taking a look at the National Post online an interesting article by David Akin caught my eye “When bloggers and journalists collide”. I read it with curiosity on the subject, but there was something that struck a chord with me.

I work with both journalists and bloggers. In fact, without close and respectful relationships with the media my job would be impossible if not irrelevant. But I was irked to see in Mr. Akin’s interesting and thought provoking article use of the term that makes every PR professional cringe – “spin doctors”.

Now, I don’t have a medical degree so I can’t be classified as a doctor. And I have a really bad sense of balance, so I don’t spend much of my time spinning.

I honestly do get offended when I hear that term. The reason is you can’t manufacture truth, and it’s such an awful stereotype. I’ll admit there are professionals in every industry who do not uphold the standards the rest do, but for myself and others I have been fortunate to encounter in my professional career I think the best of my field act in a way that is respectful, open, honest and with integrity.

Now that I have that out of the way I’d like to say that the journalist-blogger dynamic is very interesting to me and shifting the way people share and gather information online. As a PR professional, I have respect for both journalists and a large number of bloggers. I share information with them when I think they would be interested and always welcome their feedback. Thank you Mr. Akin for exploring this topic.

So -what do you think about the divide between journalists and bloggers? Is the gap narrowing? Should bloggers be seen in the same professional light as journalists?

– BB


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