March 24, 2010

The Ultimate Balancing Act

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When I first started in PR, I knew this was not your average 9-5 job (do those even exist anymore?). And as all ambitious career girls do, I want it all.

We can try to find that ideal work-life balance but eventually need to accept that it just won’t be perfect. Sometimes, I have to change plans with friends or cancel going out of town because there is a big project that just came up or work has piled up (again). That’s just life. But what has helped is the advice of some incredible mentors and PR women who have given me tips on how they balance it all. This post is for them.


A few months into my career I really started missing my friends and family and was feeling a bit disconnected from them. Facebook and email just aren’t the same and can lack a certain personal feel. A colleague told me that it helps to pick up the phone once in a while or send a card when you can’t manage face time. It lets people know they are never far from your mind. I went over to The Paper Place on Queen and stocked up on cards – I now have a stack of pre-stamped envelopes on standby. Everyone loves getting mail when it’s not bills, and it’s a trend I’m loving.

Get organized

One of the best things I bought recently is the “Wonder Hanger”. Yes, that thing from the TV infomercials – don’t laugh! They collapse and drastically reduce closet space, but what I then did (fabulous advice from stylist extraordinaire Megane-Ann Wilson) is hang complete outfits together – accessories and all. It makes running late in the morning or changing after work that much easier. Especially if you are like me and have a packed closet yet amazingly – “nothing to wear!” 😉

Don’t skip meals

It’s so easy to miss lunch or breakfast, and not to sound like my mother but it’s really not good for you. I now keep a granola bar or meal replacement at all times in my purse and desk – you never know when you’ll need it. I’m also a new convert to Kashi bars. Apparently, they’re healthy and stuff!

Take time for yourself

Life will always be hectic; we all end up fitting in as much as we can to our days and weeks to try to get the most out of it. But for the sake of sanity, find a few things you absolutely love doing and take some “personal time” once in a while. For me, this involves a glass of red wine and a bath with LUSH goodies – my weekly indulgence. Taking time out to catch up with friends over drinks and dinner  is also a great for easing any stressful, hair pulling days you may have.

What are some of your tips?




  1. Chris said,

    Very smart ideas. Well said. Although I tried the Wonder Hanger thing and wasn’t too impressed with it. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. LOL 😉

    • Thanks Chris, have any gems of your own to add to the list? And as for wonder hangers, anything that makes more space in my closet, I like. 😉

  2. John said,

    The Wonder-Hanger seems to be a great idea.

    To achieve the most number of possible things in a day I’m always careful to make sure that I’ve planned out my day in advance of it happening. Not to the nth degree, of course – I’m sure in PR there’s a nice mix of volatility – but in terms of:

    – here’s my list of things I’m carrying forward from yesterday
    – here’s what’s sought after today
    – here’s my strategic list of stuff-to-do

    Anything outside of this gives me space to breathe! 😀

    • Hi John, thanks for the tips! I think it’s all about keeping a list, I have about four or five; on my whiteboard, in outlook, an excel list and post-its of every possible colour everywhere!

      Maybe I need to pare it down to one list so that I’m not missing anything when a post-it gets up and “walks away” as they seem to do… 🙂

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